How to Get Pregnant

Hey, stud.  So you’re trying to knock up your girl?  I’m going to spare you and skip the birds and bees talk and get straight to tips on how to get one past the goalie.

  1. Most importantly, time your babymaking to happen when your girl is fertile (ovulating). Women ovulate about 14 days before their period, and semen can live for up to 72 hours in a woman’s body, so having intercourse up to three days before ovulation greatly increases chances of getting pregnant.
  2. You have to wear loose-fitting underwear. The increase in temperature caused by wearing tight-fitting underwear can cause an overheating of the testicles, which reduces the viability and number of sperm. Hot tubs and saunas will do the same thing.
  3. Zinc, calcium, and vitamin D have all been linked to increased fertility in men. Make sure that you’re eating well or taking supplements of these vitamins and minerals.
  4. Use an ovulation predictor kit. These kits detect a luteinizing hormone in your urine, which indicates that ovulation will happen in 24 to 36 hours. Having intercourse when your girl’s luteinizing hormone is peaking increases the chances of conception.
  5. It’s all about timing. Most doctors recommend getting it on every other day when trying to conceive. Having intercourse every day can actually lower sperm count and decrease the chances of fertilization.
  6. Excessive exercise and very low body fat can cause problems with fertility in some women.  Don’t let her obsess over diet and exercise while you’re trying to put one in the oven.
  7. Choose your sex positions carefully. Most experts agree that the missionary position is the most likely to result in conception. Female orgasm is also likely to draw sperm up into the cervix, further improving the chances of pregnancy.  No pressure or anything.
  8. Wait 3 months or more before trying if your lady has just come off of the birth control pill or other hormonal forms of birth control. This will allow her cycle to recover its regularity.
  9. Tell her to relax. Stress can interfere with fertility, and nothing is more stressful than mechanically having intercourse with the only goal being conception. Be patient – the process to take several months.
  10. Talk to your doc if you go more than 6 months without conceiving. A consultation with your doc can suggest ways to increase your fertility. Many doctors recommend trying to conceive for a year or more before looking for alternative methods of conception.